Our Founder Dr. Ankita Shah is the first Indian Ambassador of The Breathe Institute, Los Angeles. Dr.Ankita had got the opportunity to observe Dr. Soroush Zaghi, a renowned ENT & Sleep Surgeon perform Functional Frenuloplasty tongue tie surgeries at his practice in Los Angeles.


Dr. Shah is also the First and Only OC-trained Indian Dentist by Dr. Clayton Chan to provide Gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM) & Orthopedic treatments for TMJ. Dr Shah was trained by Dr. Clayton Chan, a world-class pre-eminent educator and authority on neuromuscular and GNM dental occlusion.

Dentistry Redefined

Expertise. Technology. Compassion

We are honoured to be considered the emerging leaders and pioneers of Airway-Focused Dentistry in the field of Tongue Ties, Airway Orthodontics, TMJ and Myofunctional Therapy. Our highly-specialized, multidisciplinary team enables us to provide holistic and preventive care that is integrated with advanced technology, unmatched expertise and compassion.

The Smile Gallery
Arya, 21
TMJ, Orofacial Pain, Tongue Tie

“I suffer from a TMJ disorder caused by a tongue tie. Consulted with 23 leading doctors globally, before being introduced to Dr. Ankita by Dr. Zaghi. Myofunctional therapy and tongue tie surgery changed my life. I feel better than ever and am grateful to Dr Ankita and her myofunctional therapists, physiotherapists and TMJ doctors!”

Murad, 31
Speech Impediments and Neck Tension

“Dr Ankita was recommended by Dr. Zaghi. My stammering and neck tension disappeared immediately after my tongue tie surgery. I am thrilled that my visit from Bangladesh was so successful. I would do this a million times over!”

Sarthak Banerjee
Sarthak Banerjee, 2.8
Tongue Tie, Lip Tie, Speech, Snoring and Sleep

“Dr. Ankita has immense patience to handle toddlers with a lot of affection & care. My son had a tongue tie and a lip tie with snoring, speech delay, difficulty in eating, mood swings, I’m so happy to see that post the procedure we have observed a that my child is able to chew solid food, he sleeping well, snoring has disappeared, he is such a happy child now..”

Zora Irani
Zora Irani, 4 weeks
Breastfeeding, Laser Tongue Tie Release

“Dr. Ankita is so great with handling babies. She explained and analysed my 4 week old baby’s tongue tie procedure thoroughly and let us decide without any hurry. She was extremely gentle with the baby during the procedure and made sure to do the exercises to prevent any reattachement.”

Reema, 59
Shoulder Pain Migraines and TMJ

“I suffered from debilitating shoulder pain and migraines due to an ascending TMJ disorder. Dentician, was a blessing because they provided me with affordable and long lasting pain relief through simple non invasive treatments like Myofunctional Therapy, Laser therapy and Fascial Massages. God Bless!”

The Providers

Through research based on international standards, clinical care and community service, we continually collaborate to provide outstanding treatment to advance the standards of health care.

Dr Ankita Shah Dentician Dr Soroush Zaghi

Dr. Ankita Shah

MDS Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
Fellowship in MFS Orthodontics, Barcelona
First and Only Indian Ambassador of The Breathe Institute, Los Angeles
President of Airway Co-Lab Chapter, India

“There is a lot going on behind those gorgeous smiles. Jaws and Airway are the hidden pathway to overall wellness. Medicine is constantly moving forward and there is always more to learn. We wish to change the way dentistry has approached problems in the past.”

Kerry Bajaj Sleep Baby Sleep Sleep Trainer
Kerry Bajaj
Certified Child Sleep Consultant

“I believe that sleep is healing, and every baby and child can sleep well.”

Dr Uday Vora  ENT Sleep Sinusitis Nasal Congestion Adenoids Tonsils Deviated Septum
Dr. Uday Vora

“Snoring is not normal! The more we ignore our breathing and sleep, the more we affect our quality of life. Don’t ignore breathing! It’s the basis of every function in our body.”

Dr Preeti Kulkarni Orthodontist Braces Aligners
Dr. Preeti Kulkarni

“1 in 4 kids needs braces. A bad bite can have an influence on airway breathing, sleep, posture and TMJ…. Start early!”

Dr Manisha Gogri Lactation Consultant Breastfeeding mothers baby
Dr. Manisha Gogri

“Lack of knowledge in a thorough assessment of the mother baby breastfeeding dyad is one of the major reasons leading to failure of the breastfeeding relationship. Let us give our mothers and babies what they truly deserve.”

Dr Zinal Unadkat Pediatrician Child Lactation Consultatnt Breastfeeding mother baby
Dr. Zinal Unadkat

“Mouth breathing, snoring, and restless sleep are all connected, and are early warning signs that something needs to be addressed with your child’s health….. Don’t ignore”

Dr Laila Jassani Speech Therapist
Dr. Laila Jassani
M.Sc (ASR)

“Delayed speech, stammering, lisping, picky eating is not normal. Mouth breathing, tongue ties and lip ties can affect speech and eating. Start early!”

Dr Hemali Mehta TMJ Physiotherapist Fascia NUCCA Chiropracter
Dr. Hemali Mehta
USA Licensed Ortho, Sports and Fascia PT

“Optimal & Efficient Body Function is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

dr zia nath
Dr. Zia Nath
BCST, RCST, IABT(North America), ICSB(Switzerland)

“In our body, balance & health is maintained by the dynamic relation between form & function. Midline imbalances, cranial restrictions, birth trauma are the inner forces that shape the outer expression of a tongue & lip tie, torticollis, breast feeding issues, airway restrictions, colic & homeostatic imbalances.”

Dr Nirav Cheddha ENT Sleep Sinusitis Nasal Congestion Adenoids Tonsils Deviated Septum
Dr. Nirav Cheddha

“Tonsil and adenoids have been so common in children. But do we really need to remove them? We take care of your health making use of revolutionary medicine with love and compassion.”

Dr Nirali Shah Lactation Consultatnt Breastfeeding Mother Baby
Dr. Nirali Shah

“There is nothing better than the time spent breastfeeding my baby !! I have experienced this closely with my son who is now 10 years old. I recommend breastfeeding whole heartedly as long as one can and with the support of your partner. Enjoy the journey while giving the best nourishment to your little one.”

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