FUNCTIONAL FRENULOPLASTY A Procedure by Dr. Soroush Zaghi, The Breathe Institute, LA

In our practice we use the Functional Frenuloplasty procedure to release tongue ties for toddlers, children and adults. This approach has been adapted from Dr. Soroush Zaghi of The Breathe Institute, Los Angeles who is an ENT& globally renowned sleep surgeon who has established this functional approach to tongue ties. Dr.Ankita had got the opportunity to observe Dr. Soroush Zaghi, a renowned ENT & Sleep Surgeon perform Functional Frenuloplasty tongue tie surgeries at his practice in Los Angeles. She is The Breathe Institute’s First Indian Ambassador.


Most people have tongue and lip frenums. Just as some are born with shorter or longer fingers than others, some are also born with peculiarities in these oral tissues that can affect the development and function of the mouth. These tethered oral tissues are also called “frenum restrictions”, but are most commonly known as tongue-ties and lip-ties. There are different grades of ties. Left untreated, these conditions can contribute to the development of a high, narrow roof of the mouth. They can also allergies, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, heart conditions, respiratory illnesses, dental problems, low resting tongue position, tongue thrusting, and sleep disordered breathing.

Once a frenum restriction is identified, there are a number of procedures and therapies that can be considered. A Frenuloplasty is one of the more common and effective methosds. The Breathe Institute Protocol for Functional Frenuloplasty that continues to deliver wonderful results to our patients worldwide. Usually, a Frenuloplasty is a relatively simple outpatient procedure.

Why Us?

The success of our practice is based on our ability to provide a complete and effective release of tethered oral tissues by incorporating a multidisciplinary protocol that integrates myofunctional therapy (and sometimes physical therapy) both before, during, and after surgery. Our tongue-tie release procedure is based on precision: releasing the appropriate extent of tissues for maximal relief; not too much, and not too little.

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With the tongue playing an important role in so many functions, restricted mobility of the tongue may lead to compensatory behaviors that may contribute to chronic stress on the other muscles of the head and neck. The tongue also has connections to the whole body through a system of connective tissue known as fascia, and a restrictive tongue may place tension on the fascia networks causing neck tension, pain, and postural dysfunction. This may surprise you! “The anterior deep fascial line starts from beneath the tongue and goes till the lungs to the pelvic bones down to the arches of your feet.” This means there is a direct connection between the orofacial function-tongue function – diaphragmatic breathing – cervical posture. Our functional frenuloplasty approach honors the changes that occur during a tongue-tie release and prepares the body for acceptance and optimal healing post-treatment.

fascia body


Neck & Back Tension

Shoulder & Arm Pain

Chest Tightness

Sinus & Nasal Congestion

Labored or Noisy Breathing

Knee Pain

Tingling in the feet & calves



Increased Flexibility

Improvement in Digestion

Feeling Lighter & Energetic

Improved Swallowing & Speech

Better Quality of Sleep


Reduced Headaches & Migranes

Improvement in Jaw Stability

Increased Mouth Opening

Sciatic Pain


Frenectomy is simply an excision of the frenum tissues, whereas a frenuloplasty involves a skilled excision of the tissue along with the blunt dissection of fascia to improve the tongue range of motion. Frenuloplasty is the only procedure where a complete release of the fascia is achieved. The complete release will give relief in tension through out the body.

Our team is highly active in learning and applying the latest clinical research. We hope that videos and resources below will help you learn more about our technique.​


Pre Op

Immediate Post-Op

Immediate Post-Op

Day 7 Post-Op

Day 7 Post-Op

3 Month Post-Op

3 Month Post Op

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