BREATH RETRAINING “Butyeko Breathing”

The primary goal of breath retraining is to normalise each aspect of breathing pattern that is the rate, rhythm, volume, mechanics and use of the nose for all situations like when awake, asleep, at rest, during eating, speech and exercise. The specific goal of breath retraining is to achieve physiologically normal nasal breathing 95% of the day and night since mouth breathing can have detrimental impacts on on an overall health.

Butyeko Breathing

We use the Buteyko Method of breath retraining. Did you know Carbon dioxide is as important for your breathing as oxygen? Oxygen and Carbon dioxide perform like The Bohr Effect. If there is sufficient blood carbon dioxide levels, the corresponding decrease in blood pH causes haemoglobin to bind to oxygen with less affinity that facilitates oxygen transport in the tissues. While hyperventilating just like we do when we are mouth breathing there is loss of carbon dioxide which can trigger airway muscles and blood vessels to constrict reducing the availability of oxygen to the brain and body tissues.


Breath retraining can be used as an adjunct to treating tongue ties, sleep disorders & airway orthodontics for children and adults. At Dentician, we can help you enjoy a restful snore-free sleep, relieve symptoms and enjoy better health and well-being by helping you change the way you breathe.

Fix Your Breathing



One must be very aware of their own breathing. Feel, watch and listen to your breathing as much as you can during the day and pay attention to what makes you take big breaths.

Ask yourself some questions:

1. Is your breathing a still, silent activity or does it involve large inhalations and body movements?

2. Is your mouth open during your daily activities?

3. Do you take a big breath as you stand up from your chair or before talking?

4. Do you gasp for a breath, yawn or sniff regularly?

5. Do you wake in the night or early morning with a dry mouth?

6. Is your nose blocked when you wake or do you wake feeling that you have not had a good night’s sleep?

Only when you have become aware of your bad breathing can you take steps to correct it. At our practice we make children aware of their breathing patterns. Most often they are totally unaware and some children find them alarming and quite amusing. Awareness of our own incorrect breathing can also be increased by observing other family members who are perhaps breathing through the nose or with their mouths open. Even though all of these people may seem to enjoy good health, many of those who have bad breathing may already have or are likely to develop health problems in the future.

When asked for a simple definition of his theory, Professor Buteyko said, “The reduction of the depth of breathing by the relaxation of the respiratory muscles to create a little air shortage”. Two words he directed at his patients were ‘breathe less’. This is the very essence of Buteyko breathing.

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