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Collaboration enables providers and practices to share knowledge, work more efficiently and effectively to build resources for healthier communities.

Airway Colab: An Airway Networking & Study Collaborative Group


Airway is that missing piece of the puzzle of disorders, we all professionals come across on a daily basis. Airway disorders are the bridge which connect dentistry and other medical professionals for achieving a complete emotional, mental and physical well-being of the patient. :Each one of us has a piece of the puzzle.”

The very fact that sleep and breathing disorders can be caused by narrow and the backward position of jaws and incorrect tongue resting posture involves the role of a dentist.

Airway and sleep disorders in infancy mainly show up as breastfeeding struggles which often involves the role of pediatricians, gynaecologists, lactation consultants, pediatric dentists, craniosacral therapists and other bodyworkers.

In a child airway disorders presents itself as affecting jaw growth, ADHD, speech, picky eating, thumb sucking, clenching, frequent tonsils and adenoids, mouthbreathing, snoring or disturbed sleep which would involve the role of pediatricians, ENT’s, pediatric dentists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

In adults airway and sleep disorders often go undiagnosed which tend to affect the TMJ, breathing, sleep(mouthbreathing, snoring, UARS, Sleep apnea), anxiety, posture and a quality of life. Adults suffering from TMD often have symptoms related to eyes, mouth, throat, ears, jaw, neck, headaches, vertigo, posture, anxiety and sleep. This would involve the role of dentists, ENT’s, chest physicians, breathing practitioners, physical therapists, psychologists and counsellors.

What is the Airway COLAB?

Airway Colab is a networking and study collaborative group for all professionals interested in Airway Health. It is spearheaded by American Academy Of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD) and The Breathe Institute. There are Chapters for the Airway Colab throughout the world. Dr. Ankita Shah is an AAPMD Liaison and the President of The Airway Colab Chapter, India.

The first-ever AAPMD + TBI Virtual Colab Meetings were held on July 15, 2020. Because AAPMD Liaisons are active worldwide, two separate 90-minute sessions took place at different times on that day. Dr.Howard Hindin, Dr.Soroush Zaghi and Dr.Ahvie Herskowitz, along with some of our Liaisons, addressed the audience to energize, excite and motivate as they spoke on the importance of collaboration for optimal patient outcomes.

There will be quarterly meetings approximately for an hour each where there will be presentations from global experts on everything related to airway. Every two months there will be learning through case studies and reviewing research articles from different experts of our community.

Team of Airway Colab Chapter, India

Tongue Tie India, Dr. Ankita Shah

Dr. Ankita Shah


Tongue Tie India, Dr. Manisha Gogri

Dr. Manisha Gogri

Executive Director
Lactation Professional

Tongue Tie India, Dr. Zinal Unadkat

Dr. Zinal Unadkat

Executive Director

Tongue Tie India, Zia Nath

Dr. Preeti Kulkarni


Tongue Tie India, Zia Nath

Zia Nath

Executive Director
CST & Bodywork Professional

Tongue Tie India, Dr Hemali Mehta

Dr. Hemali Mehta

Executive Director

Goals Of Airway Colab

Grow Knowledge Base Through SHARING NOT COMPARING

Introduce Collaborative Approach For Optimal Patient Care

Create A Forum Where People From Different Perspectives Can Share Their Thoughts And Ideas.

Learn Through discussing research and case studies.

Move The Field Of AIRWAY Forwards – One That Is Balanced In Recognising Historical Context And Standard Of Care, While Also Recognising The Constant Need To Evolve.

The Mission Of Airway Colab


Who Can Participate?

MD’s/ Pediatrician’s

Dentists interested in Airway Health

Pediatric Dentist

Lactation consultants and counsellors

Speech and Language Therapist

Physical Therapist

Craniosacral Therapist


Sleep consultants

Gynaecologists (interested in Breastfeeding Struggles and “Gestational SA” and the effects on fetal development)




Breathing practitioners

Body workers groups (clinical massage therapist, chiropractors, osteopaths, TMJ therapist)

Occupational Therapist

Clinical Nutritional therapist


Sleep Trainers

Students & Others


1.5 hours lectures followed by Q & A by international speakers. (Quarterly)

Introduction of new members and sharing their experiences in airway health. (Quarterly)

Case Presentations, Research Paper Reviews, Patient’s Experiences from speakers from different professions at every meeting. (6 times in a year)

Membership Benefits

10 lectures, Q and A, discussion sessions by internationally renowned professionals.

Access to latest research.

Access to a private facebook group for case discussions, networking and sharing of latest research and developments in the field.

10% discount on training programs and workshops conducted via Airway Colab, India.

Team building and networking with professionals in the field of airway from all over the world.






Note: The topics covered will address all issues related to airway from infancy until adulthood like Tongue Ties, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Sleep Apnea in Children and Adults, TMJ, Myofunctional Therapy, Speech, Maxillary Expansion and its effects on Nasal Airway.

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