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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders refer to the disorders of the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull, responsible for essential functions like chewing and talking. TMJ disorders, also known as TMDs, can be caused by various factors, including incorrect teeth alignment, clenching and grinding of teeth, injuries to the jaw joints, or dysfunction of the orofacial muscles. Understanding these causes is crucial in diagnosing and treating the condition effectively.

As the leading TMJ dentist in Delhi, the aim is to provide the best possible care for TMJ disorders. This has led to us offering the least invasive treatment for TMJ, GNM (Gnathologics and Neuromuscular Dentistry) Orthotics. GNM combines advanced dental techniques with a deep understanding of neuromuscular principles to precisely address the root causes of TMD.

To provide a holistic, sustainable and effective approach to TMJ treatment, it is necessary to understand the human body works as a complete unit and no body part is independent from other body parts.

Our TMJ treatment in Delhi utilises a combination of holistic treatments like Myofunctional Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Tongue Tie Release and GNM orthotics(TMJ splints) to identify the optimal jaw position with respect to the body posture thereby alleviating pressure on the TMJ and surrounding muscles, resulting in improved function and reduced pain.

A] Why Is TMJ Treatment Necessary?

Untreated TMJ disorders can lead to worsening of the TMJ symptoms causing potential complications such as chronic headaches, facial pain, jaw inflammation, joint damage, airway disorders, dental issues, and difficulty in chewing or speaking.

sign symtoms of headache

Listed below are symptoms that can worsen if TMJ is left untreated:





Sinus Area

Mouth and Teeth

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids

Frequent cold and cough

Daytime or Night time clenching & grinding

Fillings fracturing quite often

Gum recession

Open bites and cross bites

Crooked teeth


Hissing, buzzing or ringing

Ear pain

Itching in the ears

Vertigo or dizziness


Pain behind the eyes


Limited opening

Clicking or popping

Grating sound

Pain in cheek muscles

Jaw deviates when opening or closing

Neck, shoulder and back

Neck and shoulder stiffness

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Back pain

Forward head and neck posture

Rolled shoulders

Arms and legs

Tingling and numbness in arms

Limb length discrepancy


Pelvic tilt

Looking For GNM Treatment For TMJ In Delhi?

If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms or suspect that you might have a TMJ disorder, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Ankita Shah, a pioneering and outstanding TMJ Doctor in Delhi!

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B] How Does GNM Treatment For TMJ Help You Get Better?

GNM treatment for TMJ offers an advanced approach to treating TMJ disorders by surpassing conventional methods. It integrates the principles of Gnathologics and Neuromuscular Dentistry to provide comprehensive care for people suffering from TMJ disorders.

GNM philosophy helps identify the optimal jaw position through advanced diagnostic techniques like TENS and K7 jaw tracking.

Once identified, it determines the root cause of the TMJ issues, ensuring the right sequence of treatment to address the underlying cause.

Following this the TMJ expert will utilise a combination of holistic treatments and a GNM orthotic to relieve pressure on the joints and muscles, promoting improved function, reduced pain, and enhanced overall well-being.

At our TMJ, Tongue Tie & Sleep Institute, we offer GNM-focused temporomandibular joint disorder treatment in Delhi. Our GNM-TMJ treatment uses Orthotic Appliances, often mistaken as splints or mouthguards, to treat the patient. These custom devices help stabilise the jaw, facilitating the correction of misalignments and promoting healing.

Dr. Ankita Shah
Dr. Shah is the Only Indian from
Occlusion Connections Centre
Trained in Gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM) & Orthopedics
Procedure by Dr. Dr. Clayton Chan

Dr. Ankita Shah

C] GNM treatment for TMJ in Delhi

As one of the leading GNM-TMJ Therapy doctors in Delhi, Dr. Ankita Shah, takes great pride in offering the best TMJ care with GNM treatment.

Whether you’ve recently noticed TMD symptoms or have long suspected its presence, don’t keep on ignoring the symptoms. Take the step to improve your life and have it treated. Get in touch with a skilled TMJ disorder Doctor in Delhi today.

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